Islamic Beliefs
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Islamic Beliefs

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ISLAMIC BELIEFS covers the basic tenets of Islam such as Iman, Tawhid, Prophethood, Holy Books, Angels, Destiny and Qiyaamah. Each section is explained in a comprehensive manner with references to authentic sources as well as the opinions of classical and contemporary scholars.

“The open and free society of not just Britain but the whole of Europe poses a great and open challenge to a modest and honourable Muslim. The eternal enemy of man, the accursed Iblis with his satanic army of men and Jinn, is active to entrap the generations. On the other side, the scholars of Islam are, with their energies, making every effort to save their community. Some are busy advising and counselling, others in writing and publishing and others are teaching and lecturing. However, the efforts and endeavours of the respected thinker, the splendid ray of Diya’ al-Ummah, Pirzada Muhammad Imdad Hussain is unique and unrivalled. I have not come across a better reformer than him in the whole of Britain. How great is that person who has dedicated his body and mind and his household including his children, to the propagation of Islam and the development of the Muslim community.” Even in this world Allah the Almighty has blessed him with a great reward. He has been bestowed with the ability, that alongside teaching and lecturing, instructing and training, writing and compiling, advising and preaching, he is also patron of a number of schools. He is fulfilling his role in all these different fields at the same time. In this journey, his resolve, determination and perseverance seem mightier than the Himalayan Mountains!


The book, “Islamic Beliefs”

 “Over a dozen of the books compiled by the respected ‘Allama, on a variety of important topics (such as Arabic Grammar, Fiqh, Hadith and Seerah) are receiving appreciation and acclamation. Praise be to Allah, the respected ‘Allama has presented to the academic world the present counselling and thought provoking work. May Allah accept this endeavour of the ‘Allama.   This book is a collection of the important and fundamental beliefs of Isla. It is a unique gift for the sound natured man. A glance over its contents reveals that along with being beautifully composed, it is full of many thought provoking subjects and intellectual and narrative proofs. Due to its logical and intellectual proofs, this book will on one hand play a very effective role in erasing the doubts in the minds of wavering Muslims and will make them into right believing Sunnis. Whilst on the other hand, it will be very efficient to remove the ‘scientifically’ based arguments of the non-Muslims. May Allah bless the author and reward him for compiling such a valuable and informative book and make this book useful for all Muslims, especially the Muslim students.”
Sahibzada Muhammad Habib al-Rahman Mahboobi, Suffa Tul Islam Association, Bradford, UK.

“This humble servant of Islam has had the privilege of reading the respected 'Allama Pirzada Imdad Hussain’s work, entitled ‘Islamic Beliefs’. Praise be to Allah, I have read it thoroughly and conclusively; the Respected 'Allama has presented the beliefs of the Ahl-us-Sunnah in an exceedingly beautiful manner. All matters and issues have been discussed beautifully and illustrated with intellectual and narrative proofs. For a long time there was a dire need for compiling such a book which could correct the beliefs of the youth. With the grace of Allah, the respected 'Allama has fulfilled this need in a beautiful manner. All topics have been tackled with moderation. The text is attractive and emits the fragrance of love and affection. May Allah, for the sake of his beloved Prophet (saw), accept the efforts of the respected 'Allama and make this book beneficial to all and especially give our youth the ability to benefit from it.”

 - ‘Allama Bashir Ahmad Sialvi, Oldham, UK.




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