Islamic Way of Worship
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Islamic Way of Worship

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ISLAMIC WAY OF WORSHIP is a modern day rendering of the classic works of fiqh. Taking the most authentic and applicable rulings from the recorded opinions of Imam Abu Hanifa and his disciples on matters pertaining to worship, the writer has provided a clear direction for Hanafi Muslims living in the 20th century. Every ruling offered within this elucidation of edicts has been carefully selected and then cited back to its original source text, and where required the writer has offered his own scholarly opinion on the issue. This work brings fiqh to the modern day users, in a manner which they are familiar with. Categorising each section of the decrees of worship into appropriate divisions and sub divisions, enabling easy referencing for even the most rudimentary user. This text extensively examines the rulings of worship, covering everything from water and purification through to the rights and rituals of the sacred journey of pilgrimage. 

This book was originally written in the Arabic Language about the Islamic way of worship. Its Arabic text is extremely lucid and pleasing to read. The issues are explained in such a way that even the most complicated matters seep straight into one’s heart. Each issue discussed has been supported adequately with references from authentic works. It is certainly a source of pride and honour to have Mr. Pirzada amongst us. May Allah (most high) make his educational institution, Jamia Al-Karam, into such a centre of excellence that it guides people until the Day of Judgment. Amin. - Justice Shaykh Muhammad Karam Shah al-Azhari (1918-1998), Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan      


"I have had the privilege of browsing through the Arabic text of Imdad-ul-Fiqh fi’l-Ibadat. This book deals with the science of jurisprudence and the rules of worship. The distinguished scholar, Mr. Pirzada, has prepared this book in a simple and fluent manner. It is of great benefit to anyone who wishes to study fiqh in an easy and comprehensive way."

- Dr. Sabri Abdul Ra’uoof Muhammad, Professor of Comparative Study of Fiqh at Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt. 26th July 1993



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