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Mustafa (Allahs fred og velsignelser være med ham) - The Paragon of Mercy


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Antal sider: 120
Sprog: Engelsk
Indbinding: Paperback
Oversat af: Muhammad Sajid Yonus
Forlag: True Islam Publications

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About the book

This is the english explanation of Mustafa Jaan e Rahmat pe Laakhon Salaam, which is the famous Urdu language salawaat and salaam written by the Mujaddid of the 19th Century and Imam of the Ahl e Sunna in the Subcontinent, Ahmad Riza Khan, may Allah be pleased with him. It has not only been lauded as a work of prose for its unique composition and style but by leading religious scholars for its beautiful distillation of core Islamic beliefs.

Like its famous Arabic predecessor, the Qaseeda Burdah, each of its 171 sonnets is based on the teachings of the Quran and Ahadith and alongwith fulfilling the compulsion of presenting Salawaat and Salaam upon Allah’s Beloved it also details the Islamic creed; describes the Prophet’s virtues, khasaais (particularities) , Khilq (physique) and his Khulq (character) together with narrating his miracles and his major events. Finally, in true Islamic fashion, it sends blessings upon the Companions, Ahl ul Bait, Ulama and Awliyaa, before finishing with a supplication for blessings upon one’s teachers and parents.

This first volume of the English explanation of the famous salaam covers the first 22 sunnets which focus on the Prophet’s khasaais. This will not only be of interest to those who recite and hear this salaam but to all those who have a genuine interest in increasing their love for the Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him)  by getting to know him more.


About the author

He is the first to begin and publish an Urdu translation of Imam Raazi’s epic famous ‘Tafseer Kabeer’. A number of his works have been translated into English, most notably The Prophet’s Ramadhan and The Prophet’s Hajj. He is based in Lahore Pakistan and is one of the leading teachers of Dars e Nizaami.


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